Sunday, May 30, 2010

Hazy Impressions of BEA 2010

When I saw the following Tweet from flux, I immediately called Char--we had to go to this: 

"If you're at BEA10, don't forget to stop by the Flux booth #3576 to see our Fall lineup!"    

Thus started the following mini adventure which I have attempted to capture in pictures courtesy of my faithful Droid, which I am still learning to use, and coincidentally, was responsible for delivering the Tweet that started it all...

So BEA is held in the massive Jacob Javits convention center--this place is HUGE!

The first folks we met were these two cute chicks, hawking Sweedish Fish to promote Kate DiCamillo's and Allison McGhee's new book Bink and Gollie (Love the co-authored thing AND that you have a shortie and a tall-ie...heart!).

Once we got inside, first stop, of course was the Flux/Llewellyn booth--here are Char and I in front of it.  Don't get too used to seeing me in photos--I'm usually behind the camera.  Anyhoo, we met our publicist and publisher and did a thorough examination of the fall line up.  What I'm looking forward to reading: Simone Elkeles's Return to Paradise (although the Mert (my incomperable 12 year old daughter) stole my copy of Leaving Paradise >:(  Good thing it has my name in it!), Karen Kincy's Other (I have a thing for shapeshifters, and I've been following her on Twitter), and Holly Schindler's Blue So Dark...

While we were exploring some of the other booths, we ran into some interesting characters, like OMG 80's heart throb, Rick Springfield! (We missed Keith Richards...)

I think he still looks awesome... I might have waited for a photo op, but we'd be on the end of a mega-mega-mega long line... so instead we headed over to Egmont's booth where we caught up with editor extraordinaire Regina Griffin and met Vordak--I think I met my soul mate... I was so emotionally overcome that I was shaking--here's a blurry picture of the incomprehensible one with Char:

After recovering from Vordak, it was back to Flux to meet Simone Elkeles--so fab!  Simone's book trailer for How to Ruin Your Boyfriend's Life was a finalist in the ForeWord Reviews book trailer contest.  View the trailer here :)

On the adult end of things, we met author Pam Callow who was at the Romance Writers of America booth to sign her debut Damaged (I'm about half way through this legal/medical/mystery/thriller--VERY cool!).

All in all, it was an awesome afternoon--we met and reconnected with so many people in the industry.  I can't wait until we get to go next year and be on the other side of the table!  Regrets?  Only two--that we didn't stay and wait on line for Rick Riordan (would have been nice to get a signed something, and maybe ask him for a blurb for Sirens), and getting the Bananagram book for the Mert--next time!

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