Thursday, June 24, 2010

Class of 2010

Today I'm reflecting on a high school graduation... My oldest son graduated high school yesterday... Here he is, isn't he cute?
The whole experience is kind of surreal.  It's been a while since my own high school era--but there are days where it doesn't seem like such a distant time.  Moo's graduation brought a few philosophical points to mind:

First, we skipped the actual graduation ceremony.  It was kind of a last minute decision.  We were all set to go, I'd dropped the Mert at her swim practice and was heading to the football field to meet the Raz, the Moo and Wink (husband, old son and young son respectively), when I got a call.  No one really wanted to go--should we go to dinner instead?  Hmmm...  What would we be missing?  Bunch of speeches by people we weren't really interested in listening to (apart from the Valedictorian--people need to listen to what kids have to say), a roll call of 800 names (our district did an awards night previously and they weren't giving diplomas out)--all in 90F heat and under threat of a potential thunderstorm.  We opted for the dinner.

We spent a pleasant two hours or so talking to Asim about his future plans, his high school experience, and just generally hanging out--something we don't get to do too often now a days as he has his own life.  This is how it should be, or at least we think so.  As time goes on, our moments with him will be brief, but rich; I've learned to treasure these. I realized later that this was merely an aspect of the way things have been going with me. Spiritually, ritual has taken a back seat to the grabbing of moments as they come to me. 

I did, however, make the Moo take some pics in his cap and gown and tassels and such.  While it definitely had its ups and downs, I know that Moo's high school experience was a positive one.  What an intense time to be a person--those high school years, so many changes, challenges... so many things happening all at once. My own high school experience was difficult, painful, and not something I look back on with joy.  It wasn't total misery, and I realize that there are probably lots of folks that would say the same thing, but I think my own experience is one reason that I write YA (just one--there are many). While I would not change my past--it's helped to make me what I am--when I write, I try to create characters and situations as I would have liked them to unfold for myself, once upon a time... not perfect, by any stretch of the imagination, but... different. Just a little.

So here we are, Mom and Moo...

I'm so blessed to be the vessel through which these children have chosen to pass into this life; it is a priviledge to be there to guide them.

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