Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Revelations--a short rant...

OUTSIDE: Wet. Cold. Dreary. Perfect.
LISTENING TO: shuffling Beatles on iPod
READING: The Latte Rebellion by SJS with a side of Horrible Histories, The Villainous Victorians by Terry Deary
BREAKFAST: Hot Chocolate

Don't fight the universe.

Those are my husband's comforting words when I find myself faced with writer's block. But what am I supposed to do?  For the discipline portion of our program, I MUST write every day. 

Every. Day. Something. God help me.

At first I let this be that I could write something, so long as I wrote: drafts, revisions, journal entries to do lists... I've suddenly become aware of the necessity of being productive, but the periods where it "just comes to me" are few and far between. There are days (most of them) where every word is hard won. 

I'm at one of those junctures right now. But to KEEP WRITING, I'm taking a break from revising Wyverngirl, the Steampunk-Fantasy that's been driving me crazy to write this (note the Beatles loop--it's partially set in Liverpool--and love of a wet, dreary day). See--writing! 

As difficult as it is, one thing I have to say, like with any craft, I think I may be improving--practice makes perfect. I find it ironic, however, that it's when I pack it in and STOP thinking about the project at hand, on comes a revelation--an Aha! moment where that crucial next step, word, plotting problem, character trait, etc.just presents itself. Sod's law?


  1. Natalie, things look great around here! I used Horrible Histories in my classroom (Egypt, Greece, and the Middle Ages). The books were loved to death and disappeared from my classroom library.

  2. It's true, thus the "take a walk" advice, and why all the epiphanies come in the shower. ;) Metaphor from screenwriting book by Syd Field: It's like the bee that got caught inside and keeps banging into the wall and windowsill, trying to get out -- when, if it would just chill a moment, back away, it would see the window and be able to glide easily out. (I have to relearn this daily though...)

  3. Brushing my teeth and walking the dog always seem to bring on creative inspiration for me. Of course, usually when this happens I am running late for wherever I have to be when a brilliant idea hits me. Probably this doesn't help you with your writer's block. Hah, just read Kathy's comment!

  4. Caroline--I LOVE these books! I got the boxed set (and the science ones) for my son on our last trip to the UK. We went to Costco there. Not your usual tourist stop, but an adventure to be sure...

    Kathy and Alissa--OMG thank goodness that I am NOT alone in this. I always say how it seems to take me forever to do anything--I can't tell you how many times I'm ready to write--and then I just kind of sit and stare at the screen, page whatever. Then the kids come home and I'm knee deep in 7th grade math when BAM! So frustrating!

    Thanks so much for stopping by <3