Sunday, February 20, 2011


LISTENING TO: Muse, The Resistance
READING: Warped, by Maurissa Guibord
BREAKFAST: Blueberry Muffin and Yogurt Parfait--unusual because I got this at Cracker Barrel. Thinking I should have done the pancakes. Yeah.

So my husband follows this blog by economist George Ure, and sometimes passes posts on to me. I'm sure economics is a worthwhile topic to read up on, but it's not one of my faves. His posts, however, go a beyond your average pork-belly-bull-bear fodder. One of these really struck a chord with me. It goes back a ways, so I don't have the link, but essentially what he said was when you are on the right track with whatever it is you're doing, (in his case I'm gonna guess that it's predicting orange crop futures or something like) the universe will give you signs. 

I'll use writing as an example--specifically, Sirenz (for illustration purposes, of course). I'm going about my daily business and all of a sudden songs from my writing/revising play list will go on where I'm shopping , waiting, etc. (we're talking obscure and old songs too). I've seen street signs, license plates (really), and advertisements with character names, key words and phrases from the book.  
Greek myth (and fashion) are important elements in Sirenz--and several 2011 resort/summer collections featured--you guessed it--Grecian silhouettes! I've stumbled upon little Grecian gardens, found perfumes, music albums and articles of clothing named "Siren." 

Has anyone else come across anything like this--or have I really gone over the edge?  At first I thought that  I was looking for them--you know, writer insecurities and all--but these encounters are happening often, and everywhere. Well, if nothing else, it's been a form of encouragement, and I'll take that where ever I can get it! 

On that note... A couple of weeks ago Char and I went to Books of Wonder in New York to meet Cynthia Leitich Smith. Thankfully we didn't miss the entire talk that she and Daniel Nayeri were giving. When the floor was opened up for questions, someone asked what they thought "the next big thing" would be (BTW, I'm kinda paraphrasing and working from memory, so anyone who was there who reads this and is like, "she got that wrong!" please chime in!). Among some other things that were said, Cyn offered (hey--that's how she signed my book!) that it could be a civil-rights fantasy set in the Victorian era. Hmmm... Wyverngirl, the MS I'm currently slaving away on is a fantasy, set in the Victorian era, and has a distinct civil rights flavor. 


And now, a little post script: MY BAD!  Husband saw post and was like, "What's wrong with you?! Mish didn't say that, George Ure said that in his urban survival blog!" Oops. Please forgive. And remember, economics?  Not my thing. BUT--an interesting tie in to George Ure is a group of folks called The Time Monks.  Complicated stuff, but very simplified: they trawl the internet for language patterns and make predictions--accurate ones, I might add--based on them. They are proving that the existence of a collective consciousness.  Intrigued? Learn more by clicking HERE.


  1. I don't think I've ever experienced anything like this, but it sounds like things are working in your favor! :) Plus, Sirenz sounds super awesome, so who wouldn't want to read it?!

    -Sarah @ Y.A. Love

  2. The converse is true too! John Prine: "Steady loosin' means you ain't usin' what you relly think is right." :-)

  3. typo : really for relly // P.S. Isn't WARPED a wonderful surprise?

  4. Am THOROUGHLY enjoying WARPED :) Already totally in love with Will... sigh!

  5. I think that if you are "on your path" as it were (remember, I'm from L.A.) then your subconscious helps you focus on things that support that path, which you might have otherwise missed, and helps you to interpret them positively. And a healthy breakfast helps as well.

  6. To add on to what Kathy said--husband made a correction for me--look at my PS above. The brain is an amazing thing, is it not? PS--I'm sure the healthy breakfast thing is doing wonderful things for me. But I left there thinking, "You came all the way to Cracker Barrel and you didn't get Momma's Pancake Breakfast?"

  7. Urgh! Now he's telling me that George isn't an "economist" persay... OMG!