Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Gnomeo and Juliet ♥

Like I needed reasons to go and see Gnomeo and Juliet... now having seen it, here's my rationalization for pulling Vin (youngest son) out of school so that we could stuff our faces with pancakes then spend the rest of what could have been a productive afternoon at the movies...

Classic Elton John Soundtrack. LOVE Sir Elton. And he sang some of the songs in the movie, and made cameos as a gnome, and a garden whirly thingy (with glitter, of course).

James McAvoy voices Gnomeo and Emily Blunt voices Juliet.

Sneaky Shakespeare--characters spouted lines from various other plays and poems--the English teacher in me appreciated this.

Patrick Stewart voicing the statue of Will Shakespeare. (Ozzy, Hulk Hogan, Dame Maggie Smith, Matt Lucas and Michael Caine also do voices--O.M.G. !)

James McAvoy.

Featherstone the Flamingo--"I may not be a smart bird, but I know what love is!" Now picture that being said by Hank Azaria. As Agador in the Birdcage. But kinda dopey. I LOVE Jim Cummings!

The tinkley sounds the gnomes made when they touched each other, landed on things and--yikes!--got smashed.

James McAvoy.

Banana laptops, kitchy gnomes (I so wanna redo my back garden), kickass lawnmowers and a pig weathervane (it squealed).

Nanette the Frog. 'Nuff said.

Nasty lines like "Get out you daft old cabbage!" The gnomes aren't the only ones that are feuding.  Mrs. Montague and Mr. Capulet--tudor-style duplex neighbors who live on a quiet street in Stratford Upon Avon (!), trade barbs regularly. I MUST find someone to call a daft old cabbage (Scratches head and wonders what time husband will get home...)

Did I mention James McAvoy? At this point you may think I have an unholy obsession. I don't really,  it's just that he and his lovely wife Anne Marie Duff are the visual I had in mind for James (no coincidence, I swear) and Vi, the main characters of Wyverngirl, one of the current WIPs (THAT may be categorized as obsession). I realize at this point they're a little old, but James looks so... dashing in period dress., don't you think? And if you've ever seen them act together (see the Brit show Shameless), there's a dynamic there that's unmistakable (and they're just so darn cute together!):

PS--Red and Blue make Purple ♥

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  1. When I first saw the preview for Gnomeo and Juliet, I thought it was one of the weirder ideas for a movie, but I like gnomes and I like Shakespeare, so chances are I would like this. Makes me think of one of those wordless pictures books at the library I used to work at that was either a comical or a creepy story about gnomes. It depended on your interpretation.