Friday, July 15, 2011

On tour, Part Une...

Outside: Sunny and Fab
Listening To: More like watching--The Ninth Gate playing in the background.
Reading: Beta >:)
Breakfast: Protien shake. I've become quite good a whipping these up (urgh--bad pun!)!

Dear Blog,

No, I haven't been neglecting you--I've just been posting... elsewhere. You understand, don't you? Char and I have been "on tour" blog wise for the month! Check us out on these fabby blogs and follow them--they've got lots of amazing stuff going on:

* Hades usurps mine and Char's interview over at FANGTASTIC BOOKS!

* At ALL THINGS BOOKS, Meg and Shar dish about Kate Middleton's wedding dress...

* TYRA'S BOOK ADDICTION put up our fun "Are you a Meg or a Shar" quiz! International giveaway ends today, just sayin'. (Our spot is teen and adult friendly; the blog does feature some adult material)

* Char and I talk about our spin on mythological characters over at DREAMING IN BOOKS. There's also a really thoughtful review which you can read by clicking HERE :)

* The BOOK FAERY also did a fabby review for us!

* Char and I are both moms who write. We share our tips for making time to get it done at WRITE AT HOME MOM.

* We did a really fun interview over at BEA'S BOOK NOOK... (There's also a review! Click HERE to read it!)

* ... and another with Carmel over at RABID READS...

* ... and another at BOOKS BY THEIR COVER (and a review too!)!

I'll be posting part deux next week. This has been so exciting! We're doing our last interviews for the tour this week (including our launch party!), and then I hope to get back to reading--I gots reviews to post :)


  1. Great to meet you briefly at the VERY well-attended book launch in Mendham. (I posted it on LinkedIn.) My brush with Hades was most exciting! Managed to snare his business card.

  2. He was very naughty! So glad you could come!!! I'm still recovering... :)