Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I Heart Book Bloggers

Book bloggers have made an indelible change on the publishing industry, and their efforts have made it possible for so many writers to have a chance to get their work out there--it's amazing what people can do, isn't it? September 12-16 is/was Book Blogger Appreciation Week:

I'm still overwhelmed by the size of the community--not just the bloggers themselves, but the writers, readers, agents, editors, publishing houses... it's so very large, and yet so very small at the same time. Admittedly, I'm not a very social person, and I find it a great challenge to balance maintaining a presence on social networks, writing, taking care of my family, and doing stuff I just like to do. But I was always made to feel very welcome, whether I corresponded with folks via email, or chatted on Twitter or Facebook, or met them in person. Goddess help me, I might even branch out to Tumblr and Google + (have accounts, don't know what I'm doing...). So, dear book bloggers, this one's for you :)

I wanted to do something special for those bloggers who took the time to read and write a review of SIRENZ, positive, critical or otherwise. I did a post a while back about Bad Reviews. Now that reviews of SIRENZ are coming in, I still stand by that. While sharing a love of the written word is a wonderful thing, book bloggers serve (IMHO) an even greater purpose: They are advocates for freedom of speech.  I 've found that the book blogging community has exercised this very, very important right with grace and responsibility <3 But enough of this, let's get to the fun part!
Luna Lovegood is my fave HP character. Note the scarf...
Like I said, I wanted to do something special for the bloggers who reviewed or mentioned SIRENZ. My favorite Harry Potter character is Luna Lovegood; I adore her quirky style. Whilst on (fab site for all things spinning, knitting, crocheting, etc.), I found a pattern for the scarf that Evanna Lynch wore in The Order of the Phoenix made by the very talented Melissa Helton (note, she made the pattern for the scarf from a FILM STILL--pretty cool, huh?) Do you crochet? You can find the pattern HERE! It's comprised of a few basic stitches and quite easy to make.

Here's a Luna Lovegood scarf in progress :)
So here's my giveaway... below are a list of bookbloggers that reviewed, or featured SIRENZ--I can't thank you enough for giving our book a try ♥ I'm hoping it's a complete list--if you're a book blogger and you reviewed SIRENZ and you don't see your blog, please let me know by leaving a comment with a link to your review. On October 1, I'll do a random drawing of all the bloggers that I have who reviewed SIRENZ, and the winner will receive a Luna scarf, made by me:

A close-up :) Luna's scarf is grey, although it comes up blue in some still photos. The yarn I used to make this is 87% Alpaca, so it's nice and soft and not itchy--it also has a tiny bit of tinsel in the yarn for sparkle *
I realize that Luna's style may not be for everyone, so if the winner isn't into Luna, I have an alternative--to be revealed at the time of the drawing (hint: it is also HP themed!)!

♥ Book Bloggers ♥


  1. Oh my god, look at this wonderful list of book bloggers! I feel like I've just landed on a gold mine! Thanks so muchy!:)

  2. Thanks dahlinks! Sheila--I just added your blog to my follow list <3 CQG--do you have one? xx PS--Yes, book bloggers = gold!

  3. Fun idea. Luna is a fun quirky character.