Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A Book A Day 'Til Halloween #12... Pie. That is all...

Because what better way to follow up a "moon" post, then a "pie" post. Pies ARE autumn, don't you agree?

Mmmmmm... pie!
300 sweet pie recipes from a pie-expert. Many pages are expended on the making of the perfect crust--cause when it comes to pie-makin', that's the hardest part.


  1. I plan on making my very first pumpkin pie now that the nice fairies at Amazon have delivered my tinned pumpkin (too much like hardwork gutting a pumpkin, I've tried!)

  2. I want a photo of that pie! You have to gut a pumpkin to make a jack-o-lantern! Am gonna need your expert eyes soon for my creepycake... >:)

  3. This is the sort of book I love to look at - and then pass on to my daughter :-)

  4. Baking's touchy with me--very unpredictable. Pie crusts are supposed to be the hardest to do... maybe will try it one day :)