Friday, October 14, 2011

A Book A Day 'Til Halloween #14... I Lied...

...because today will NOT be a Triumvirate of Ghosts... not that there WON'T be a Triumvirate of Ghosts, of course there will. I even planned for today to BE a Triumvirate of Ghosts, but then I came home this morning and there was this package...

<3 Love me sheep!!! <3

Look! There's my new big rosewood circular needles, my knit out of the box (very pretty brocade yarn holder). My lamb yarn bowl (from Etsy potter aspeerstudio), and my lamb tape measure, and my lamb scissor holder (yes I like sheep...)! The heart is made of a scarf I crocheted--I have to felt it up, maybe tonight while we're carving pumpkins >:) It could be that I'm all excited about the Wool Fest on Sunday. I've been looking forward to that ALL YEAR!

So tomorrow will be all about a Triumvirate of Ghosts, and I promise I won't cheat again (fingers crossed behind back!). Oh, and one more thing... Monday? October 17? VERY special day. For one, I'm giving away that Jimi Hendrix rubbing (See Book A Day #8). And there's something else...


  1. I might have to get back into knitting! After getting the beautiful Luna scarf in the mail & reading your posts on k urging, I'm getting the fever again! My favorite yarn was lamb's pride bulky & I also liked Rowan & this other one I can't remember the name of but all their yarns were named after works of art. I used to be really into felting purses too!

  2. Careful! Once you start it's kinda hard to put it aside! I've always liked making things--it's a bit more instant gratification than writing. But I'm discovering that many writers knit or crochet or craft... very interesting (rubs hands together...) I loved working with mohair for a while--Lion Brand makes a nice one with silver and gold threads running through it. I just went to their studio in NY--so awesome!

  3. I'm the least crafty person I know, but all that stuff looks so pretty ...

  4. It's addicting. Going to wool fest tomorrow, good thing I'm going alone or I might come back with enough stuff that I wouldn't be able to knit through in five lifetimes!