Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A Book A Day 'Til Halloween #25... A Little Poem For You :)

Meet Fail, the whale. He's a pumpkin for the pail.

Poor whale. He used to be smiling. Now he looks like an angry shark...

He was carved too soon, so I'm afraid he's doomed.

Ick. Just... ick.

Will he make it to Halloween?

At my house, Halloween begins October 1st. Due to schedule juggling and other stuff, we ended up carving our pumpkins mid-month. Under normal Fall circumstances, this wouldn't be an issue. But it's been warm... Today's offering is dedicated to the pumpkin--or more specifically, the jack-o-lantern. Here are some books that might inspire your inner...

...hardcore carver...

stylish squash-slasher...

...or ghoulish gourd-shifter...

Halloween is less than a week away! I still can't believe that I've managed to blog for TWENTY FIVE DAYS straight. TWENTY FIVE DAYS, people!  And since you're here, check out yesterday's post for my Creepy Cake entry--I've fixed all of the links so all the entries to date can be seen :)


  1. our pumpkins this year won't rot :P (craft pumpkins!) if you don't know minecraft, you may not "get" it (but think pixelated monsters)

  2. I'm sorry Natalie, but that is just gross!

  3. Katie--I don't get the connection to the minecraft (but I bet the boys will--will show 'em), but LOVE the digital! They may want to do next year!

  4. Sarah--I agree (at least it doesn't smell!)! Am taking a large step away from the grossness today... >:)

  5. We put vaseline on our pumpkin this year and it curbed a lot (not all unfortunately) of that nastiness. Just an FYI for future years.