Sunday, October 30, 2011

A Book A Day 'Til Halloween #30... Unmask The Writer Within!

Char and I had a blast at Unmask the Writer Within--a fab author event sponsored by Mysteries on Main Street to benefit the Friends of the Johnstown Library--a great time for a great cause!  Look!
Upstate NY is a gorgeous place--look at the waterfall near our hotel!
Shannon Delany's World Buildin' Workshop--AND she levitates! Cool!
Kristi Cook and Amalie Howard's excellent workshop on Novel Structuring.
Ooo look! Our workshop on coauthoring! Nice wings, ladies! Love the horns!
After the workshops it was time for fun--and CUPCAKES!
Alex Diaz gets down--Char, why aren't you dancing?!
Me taking a pic of Amalie taking a pic of me...
Char, Shannon, Selene Castrovilla, me, Melissa... and Hermione Granger?!
OMGosh--it IS Hermione Granger! Riddikulus!
Melissa! What did you do to piss off Hermione? She's turned you into a gourd!
Melissa restored! Patty and Melissa from Mysteries on Main with Char'n me!
Kristi Cook and Amalie taking a picture of me taking a picture of Amalie and Kristi...
Books books books--and a ghostly visitor... what's inside that orb?
A closeup of said orb reveals a copyright sign! Hmmm...
Doc Jason Barret, Amalie, Selene and the mysterious masked lady...
Shannon, Amalie--and wearing the Cloak of Invisibility, Mary Reed McCall...
Me taking another pic of Amalie taking a pic of me...
And remember, always, ALWAYS shoot from above!
Soooooo... to celebrate my almost having blogged once a day for an entire month and the amaZin' time we had in Johnstown, I think a contest is in order. But first--manana's post has to deal with some unfinished creepy business...


  1. You all look like you had a fab time :-)

  2. It was a blast! I need to come back to England--not necessarily for bookish stuff, though that'd be fun!