Saturday, October 8, 2011

A Book A Day 'Til Halloween #8... Written In Stone

I have this thing about graves of the famous. And graves in general. While my favorite time to visit the cemetery is during the autumn, I'll go anytime. This past summer I was psyched to travel to Seattle--we went for my daughter's swim meet, but guess who's buried there?

LOVE Jimi!!! We also visited Bruce and Brandon Lee <3

Jimi Hendrix's tomb is literally a temple. We made rubbings of all the carvings on it. There's tombs that are good for making impressions, and then there are those that just leave an impression... Every time I go to London, I promise myself that I'll get here:

Photographed by John Gay, Introduced by Felix Barker 

Haven't gotten here yet, but in the mean time, I have this book which
is filled with lovely photographs that make me feel like I'm there...
I think it's time for a giveaway. I'm approaching my 1000 follower mark on Twitter, so I'm thinking I'd like to make a prize of a rubbing of Jimi Hendrix's grave, made by me :) Have a listen to one of my favorite Hendrix tunes...

To enter, follow me on twitter and tweet to me with the hashtag #cemeteriesrock. Comment here and get an extra chance to enter. And of course it would be lovely if you followed my blog (asks nicely with teeth)! I'll do a random drawing of all entries on Monday, October 17...


  1. Oh, I would love a rubbing from Jimi's gravestone! We Seattlites worship him.

  2. I can't follow you on Twitter as I'm not on there, but thank you so much for the video of Jimi.