Sunday, October 9, 2011

A Book A Day 'Til Halloween #9... Time For Some Tea and Sympathy

So I spent the afternoon in New York, first to catch up with Phyllis Galde, the publisher of Fate Magazine and Graven Images Oracle, and then off to the Lion Brand Yarn Studio to get the materials for a top-secret project >:)

It just so happens that a place I've LONG wanted to visit is nearly right around the corner from the yarn studio--so I kept my fingers crossed that there wasn't a wait and headed over to...

by Anita Naughton, Intro and recipes by Nicola Perry

Can't wait to read the story behind this wonderful place (and try to make the Victoria Sandwich!).

Tea and Sympathy is teensy--I think it only seats 23 people or something like that, but it's cozy and charming and the food is awesome. I was there with the Mert and Moo. Moo had a bacon sandwich, Mert had kedgeree (a fave in our house) and I had afternoon tea. Victoria sponge is my favorite cake and theirs is mad. Had to go next door to the shop and get the book, which Nicky Perry thoughtfully signed! <3 Anyway, if you're in Manhattan, you gotta try this place. Personally, I think I'm going to have a go with making Shepherd's Pie from scratch (confession: I've always used Coleman's mix...)

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  1. What kind words, we're touched, thanks so much! From all at Tea & Sympathy

  2. You've made me think about doing shepherd's pie for tea. Or bacon sandwiches :-)

  3. <3!!! Lurve bacon sandwiches--but proper bacon, not the streaky stuff!