Monday, November 21, 2011

Enough Book Stuff! And Now For Something Completely Special!

This past weekend was the Mert's birthday--and also the weekend of her synchro show. Mert is on a competitive synchronized swim team--I'll let this video of the intro to their show speak for itself. Go ducks!

Fab, right? Oh! And don't forget to enter the $100 at Clinton Books giveaway--only four days left!


  1. I'm running behind on my blog reading this week, so glad I didn't miss this. That must take real dedication and hard work. It was lovely to watch, well done to all of them!

  2. Thanks Sarah! We're very excited about this season--the Mert has her team routine, and two small routines--lots of splashing--lots of sewing (or in my case--gluing). I DO NOT like sequins!