Friday, November 18, 2011

A Mad Tea Party--and a WINNER!

I really don't know how rock stars do it--flying around, performing, rinse, repeat. This month-weekish, Char and I have done a small--let me repeat that--SMALL number of signings, and I'm, like, spent. Gaaaa! But they are alot of fun, especially when you get to spend some time with people. Last night we were at Books of Wonder in New York (Oh. My. Gaaawwwd next GiveawAY TuesdAY is gonna be SO. GOOD!)--and some of the panel went to tea...

<3 Authors and friends at Alice's Tea Table <3
Kiera Stewart looking "Fetching" (!!!) between the sandwiches...
Maybe it was the chicken salad...
...or the cookies...
...but there's Alissa, looking mighty suspicious again. (<3 Alissa!)
And even more so when shot from above! ALWAYS shoot from above...
The lovely Victoria Schwab, shot from above...
Char 'n Lia Habel--LOVE the dress--and parasol (not pictured).
WOW! Book display!!!
The prestigious panel--Char to the left, me behind camera...
...and the maddening crowd that came to see them! So cool!
Remember, always shoot from above!
So all in all, lots of fun--and watch for next weeks giveaway (hinty hint--it has to do with stuff from THIS post!)! And now, drumroll, the winner of the Girl of Fire and Thorns giveaway is...

Lisa Goldman!

Congrats Lisa! And thanks to everyone who stopped by and commented <3 I really need to do a post on my blog experiment--and will do, once I get past this weekend with the Mert and her Synchro show...


  1. Very fun! And congratulations to Lisa!

  2. OMG...That's awesome. I can't wait to read it. You've made my day. Thank you, thank you. I've been debating on coming tonight to your book signing in Haverford. I already have your book signed from PAYA in September. I'd have to drag all my kids, but I thought it would be fun and my bud, Sarah Dowlin asked me to go. Nothing's definate, but I'll make sure it introduce myself again if I come.

  3. Congrats, Lisa! And big thanks to Natalie for hosting a giveaway. <3

  4. That looked like fun :-)

    Congratulations Lisa.

  5. Thank you for these photos -- and for arranging tea. It was very fun (& delicious!)

  6. My pleasure dahlink! Come back to the east coast soon and have a fabby launch party!