Monday, November 14, 2011

Steampunk, Surprises, Advice for Writers and a Giveaway!

OK, so I finally did one of the things I'd been meaning to do for some time--join Romance Writers of America (Write and/or read romance, YA or otherwise? You need to be a part of this group). Marlo Berliner of Blame it on the Muse (RWA authors blog you should really check out) suggested that I meet up with writer/actress/maven/fabperson Leanna Renee Hieber, who described herself as wanting to be "the gateway drug to 19th Century literature" (LOVE!). Introductions happened yesterday at a Books of Wonder event--little did I expect alot more was in store (bad pun alert)...

Was not prepared for the crowd that was there--why? WHY?
Duh! Tamora Pierce was there! And signing copies of Mastiff and other things...
And OMG--Fellow Elevensie Rae Carson! Scroll down for a very cool giveaway!
The lovely panel where the authors talked about their books...
...and answered questions about writing.

Here are some of my favorite quotes of the day. I was scribbling hasty notes, so -dahlinks, if I misquoted you in any way, please lemme know, and I'll fix it...

"Write it all out first--get it all down. Then you can revise later." --Tamora Pierce (you know I love me my revisions!)

"Have your details do double triple duty." --Leanna Renee Hieber

"Don't be afraid to suck." --Matthew Cody

"I get to 20,000 words and I want to throw it away for fear of being 'found out'... professionals are amateurs who finish things." --John Connolly (BTW, I nearly tripped him and prevented him from participating in the panel. Thankfully, he forgave me and signed a copy of Nocturnes, a book of ghostly short fiction I am anxious to read...)

There was also a brief discussion of  ebooks vs. regular books. The concensus pretty much was that there's no comparison. I think it was John Connolly who made the observation that an ebook gives you access to a book--you don't own it. And that there's a reason we put books on our shelves for everyone to see--they're markers of who we are (Wow. REALLY liked that). Peter Glassman, the owner of Books of Wonder made the suggestion that there should be only ONE format for ebooks that will work with any reader/tablet, and that ebooks and bound books should be sold as a bundle--giving the reader both options. What do you think? I'm finally going to get a tablet (after Mercury Retrograde, of course) because I really need the convenience (plus the iPad is just SO cool)--but for me, it'll never take the place of a book. My house is filled with books of all kinds, and always was... 

You want this book. You know you do.
 ...I'm giving away a lovely signed copy of Rae's book, The Girl of Fire and Thorns. The winner will be selected by the fair and ubiased hand of one of my fellow authors on Thursday. How to win? Leave me a comment below with your email--that's it. And it's international baby!



  1. I love your give away and the pictures of the writers at the event were super!

    Glad you took notes, especially the one on the difference between books and eBooks. That's kind of how I feel. And I've talked to some teens who also feel that way, so it's not only the old folks who love the feel of a book and what ownership of it says about them.

    Thanks for the post. Enjoyed what you shared.

  2. I love that your contests are international, thank you :-) My email is sarahpearson1705@gmail .com

    There are some great quotes there. I'm adopting 'don't be afraid to suck' as my mantra :-)

  3. OMG The tripping the guy thing sounds like something I would sooo do! I love how he said that Professionals FINISH! I am always getting great ideas(or as I call them BACK OF THE BOOKS!) and then I alway let life get in the way of actually FINISHING! Also loved the dont be afraid to suck, cause I get caught up on things not flowing right! I am sooo going to look into that organization and I cant WAIT to see you on FRIDAY!! WHOO-WHOO!! Tho with hubbys surgery on Thurs I will have to bring the kiddos :( Tho thats better than not coming which is SOO NOT AN OPTION!! :)

  4. Ok that above comment was from Sarah Dowlin! I HATE TECHNOLOGY!!! :(

  5. I love the quotes. I like to read and write, so they were helpful.

    I've owned a Kindle for two years now, but I don't use it that much. There is just something about have a book in your hands and I find it easier to flip back (or forward if I'm dying of suspence).

    Thanks for sharing.
    Lisa Goldman

  6. Thanks CLee :) I was surprised (and pleased!) that I had the presence of mind to whip out the notebook--I'm usually a deer in the headlights at these things during, and a gushy puddle during signings LOL!

    Sarah-- <3 You! If the giveaway is just me doing it, I try to make them international. Sometimes hard to do with the shops b/c of shipping (two more will be going down at in another week or so :)

    Sarah D--Yay! Awesome that you outwitted google--stick it to the man!

    Hi Lisa! Thanks for stopping by! I'm with you--nothing beats a real book!

  7. Wonderful quotes! Looks like you had a great time.

  8. YAY I can enter this contest.

    That sounded like an awesome event. I have been hearing praise about Books of Wonder from Maureen Johnson for years. Nice quotes. I should make myself a writer's advice note for when I am feeling uninspired.