Sunday, November 27, 2011

Whose shoes ARE whose? The answers!

Dahlinks, dahlinks dahlinks... JUST back in from magical Salem, Massachusetts--magical for me because I was visiting my very good friends Rebecca and Josh DeVries and the dark fairy Oonah <3 I've always loved New England, it's a special place, that holds many precious memories for me. When I left this morning, the whole town was shrouded in a lovely mist...
Angel from a headstone tucked into a corner of the Burying Ground...
But how about that giveaway? So I found that it is pretty much impossible for me to do certain things on my phone:

*Answer emails... would type an entire email on that tiny TINY keyboard only to have it mysteriously disappear. Not happy.

*Take photos... Droidy likes to be temperamental. Oh, the shots I've missed!

*Make a blog post. Let's not even disucss this one.

What does this all amount to? That I need an iPad for Christmas. Or birthday. Or both. But because of this little tecnmical setback, I couldn't make a new post or announce my shoe-guessing winner. But here it is now! First, whose shoes ARE whose...
Pretty tough, right?
#1 was the fabulous Kathy McCullough. #2 = me me me! #3, Alissa Grosso--next time I'm wearing Docs to throw that one off. #4 was Amy Holder, and #5 Hermes--it was the wings, right? #6 was Char and #7 Kristi Cook!

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