Tuesday, December 6, 2011

GiveAwAY TuesdAY! Behold, The Sheep of Destiny!

Behold the sheep of destiny!

Sheep. Of. Destiny.

It is from this humble clay vessel that I pluck the winners of my various contests. Actually, she is a yarn bowl, and holds my yarn whilst I'm knitting and/or crocheting. I got her--like so many other cool things--on ETSY from The Little Pig Pottery. She's clever, my sheep; she has a notch in her backside where yarn can pass through so that it doesn't tangle. So awesome. 

Back. Of. Sheep. Of. Destiny.

So first, because this is the first time you're seeing the lovely Sheep of Destiny, and considering her primary use, she has a sinister hoof in the first part of this fab December TWO-PART giveaway. Part one, is this:

Sorry, daughter not included in giveaway...

People have made fun of me--yes, made fun--of my wool-gathering (bad pun alert...). I made this lovely scarf out of wool procured at the Rhinebeck Sheep and Wool Festival. It's a pattern I really love, The Queen Anne's Lace scarf by Ravelry designer 1craftyboy (The pattern is available for free if you're on Ravelry!) and I've played with it using different yarns and hook sizes. I crocheted and felted this one--so it is sure to keep you toasty warm. Wrapped around the neck, it has a lovely Elizabethan collar effect. Secure it with a silver hammered safety pin by Jim Knopf and you are set--for PART TWO of le giveaway...

Win me--you know you want to!

...because you will surely need to bundle up when you are walking the streets of New York to BOOKS OF WONDER to spend your shiny $50 Gift Certificate! Now, you may not be in the vicinity of Books of Wonder or New York--but you can just as easily shop online or give them a call and they will be more than happy to help you with your selections :) And you can wear the scarf in the cold environs of wherever you are.

OMGosh, Nat, I can hear you say. You've really outdone yourself this time!

A little secret: December is my birthday month, and being a Hobbit, I like to give presents just as much as I like to get them. I have had a year of wonders, really--and I like to share. <3 With any luck, these cute vintage style tags I ordered (also from Etsy--check out seller amaretto!) will be here in time so I can tag that scarf!

Like? You can get yours by visiting Etsy.com member amaretto!

Now, what do you have to do?  

* Leave me a comment below--with your email address if you want to be entered.

* Following my blog will get you another entry.

* Spreading the word about my little contest on Twitter (use the hashtag #booksofwonder) will get you another entry.

Now--because this involves a US store, this giveaway is domestic only *but* there is an equally amazing giveaway going on RIGHT NOW over at THESIRENZ.COM that IS international and ends DECEMBER 10. Meg and Shar and Char and I (and probably Hades--we have to include him or he gets a bit fussy) would love it if you stopped by.

Drawing for THIS giveaway will be done Tuesday, December 13. But wait! What about this week's winner?! The winner of the signed copy of The Invention of Hugo Cabret is...


Congratulations, Mama! Thank you, and everyone for visiting me--LOVE you! More giveaways coming soon, both domestic and international <3


  1. OMG that sheep is sooo cool Natalie! I may have ot hunt one down for hubby who crochets once I get my job after Jan! You do great work too LOVE the scarf! Dec is my birthday month too BTW! Soo much in common its frightening! LOL :) I think this is the BEST giveaway- books plus a handmade gift! Tho I swear if I win I will be fighting with my girls over it! The oldest(who is still talking about how cool you are BTW) will think its cool and want to steal it and the baby will think "Cool new lovey!"

  2. That is an awesome scarf Natalie. Did you make the one you were wearing the weekend of Unmask?
    entering rosedust626@hotmail.com
    I think I already follow your blog but I don't log in on blogspot very much because it reminds me of how much a slacker I am on my blog :(
    I have yet to visit books of wonder but I hear about them all the time...from you, Maureen Johnson and a bunch of other awesome authors that live in the area. As you know it is a bit of a trek for me.

  3. poo. I didn't make it in time for Hugo. I just entered for it. Is it possible to use those three entries that I JUST posted there for this cool contest? thanks.

  4. Oh well, next time it's for Canada too I will enter, also I just wanted to let you know my review is up on my blog :)


  5. Don't enter me, just wanted to say that your daughter is lovely, and I'm always impressed by people who can craft wonderful things :-)

  6. Sarah-- TY!!! <3

    Patty-- Thank you for visiting <3 You can order online as well even if you can't get into the city. And yes--I made that one too. It's actually the same pattern, but with a different sized yarn and needle :)

    Diana-- Thank you so much for stopping by--and you're all entered! :)

    Nattie--of the fabulous name <3 Thanks so much for stopping by, and for the review of Sirenz! International giveaway is coming up next--and there's one on now over at thesirenz :)

    <3 Sarah <3 I always love reading your comments :) Sorry this one isn't international--there will be one next week! xxx

  7. Your daughter is such a beauty and that black sheep of destiny--she is a sweetie to!

  8. Great scarf!! You are very talented in so many way! And tell you daughter she's a great model:)


  9. Awesome scarf! Totally going to try and make one!
    My email addy: rungirl1@gmail.com

  10. OMGosh what a weekend. Totally behind on my readings of blog-ly things...

    Sarah D--A December baby as well? WHEN?!

    Sarah P--always love when you visit :) <3

    Jean Ann--TY!!! I can't tell you how much I <3 that sheep. Think I need a white one--but I have my eye on the Llamma... *finger itches to press purchase now...*

    Lisa--TY! <3 That's right I didn't bring her with me to Haverford :( Next time! xxx

    Rachee--Thanks so much for visiting! That pattern is very cool and incredibly easy. It also works with different yarns and sizes--try it with mohair...