Tuesday, December 13, 2011

GiveAwAY TuesdAY--A Load of Rich Creamery Butter

This is me:

Except I'm not Homer Simpson... and I don't speak Spanish--not very well, anyway. Aaaaaaactualllllly... I'm probably more like this:

Again, minus the Spanish. The point being (with a large dash of hyperbole)--I HAVE LOST IT! Like Apu (not speaking Spanish) I have turned into a hummingbird--it has been, and continues to be--a real challenge to keep on top of things! And not that I want to be a tease, *BUT* while I have a completely awesome gIvEaWaY planned--not only for here, but over at thesirenz.com (technically, it's Meg's giveaway--and I have been terribly lax in updating that portion of the site... the "coming soon" has to be changed as thesirenz.com HAS come. ), it is not *quite* ready. So look for that on Thursday, possibly Friday along with an enlightening post on why it's muy importante to blog regularly :) And Meg will have her post ready on Monday--it is VERY awesome. And international. And mine will be international as well.

For now, let us all revel in the awesomeness of the person who is the winner of my cozy scarf and $50 Gift Certificate to Books of Wonder! Cue live action... son reaches into Sheep of Destiny... and pulls...

(grrrr... can't get accent over that "e" but it's pronounced Rah-shay!)

Thank you all--mucho!--for visiting me here <3 For now, back to vork! Sigh... if only I LIVED in ze Land of Chocolate...

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  1. Phew, I'm out of breath reading that :-)

    Congratulations Rachee