Sunday, January 1, 2012


2012--YAY! But in these final minutes, here's one of the last fun things I managed to squeeze into 2011--a trip to Rhode Island, a place I've always wanted to go. A few pics of Providence...
Took this trip with Moo and Vin...
Pretty statue, way up high.
Purchased very cool "Catechism of the Steam Engine" from 1859. Here.
Outside our window, chiming away...
Lovely at sunset.
Yes, I think I will...
Must see.
Found in the Greek wing.
Wyverngirl, or Wyvernboy? Another book ref--bought a postcard of him :)
Among many other delights, a Van Gogh...
...and is it me, or is there a little skull in the trees?
Scary Jesus!
...and drunken grave robbers. Why ever not?
Cthulhu-esque chandelier.
18th Century Wallpaper.
It was either this, or the mustache cookie cutters. I got the cookie cutters.
Night time razzle-dazzle.

And I finally downloaded Vignette onto my phone. I love the toy camera effect with the grungy border:
Wishing you a grand 2012!


  1. There are some wonderful pictures there. Happy New Year, Natalie.

  2. Happy New Year Sarah! Providence was lovely--and I'm loving that Vignette App--I need to play with it more... :)