Thursday, December 15, 2011

Life Lessons: What I learned from blogging every day for a month... and a contest ♥

So I' took on blogging every day for a month in October for two reasons: a) to prove to myself that I could, indeed, do it, and b) to see if it really made a difference, number wise.

A word about numbers. Me no like. I'm not fond of "collecting" things--knick-nacks, shoes (I know, right?) people--and yet, it's something that helps in my chosen industry: having followers. I know just by looking at the numbers (Urgh. Looking. Numbers.) on Goodreads, that not alot of people know about Sirenz. This is our fault--we should have started websites, twitter, blogs etc. when we first got our contract--waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back at the end of 2009. Or maybe even before that. Instead, we started getting social only SIX MONTHS before the book came out. I'm hoping this is a mistake that other folks can learn from.

So back to the blog stuff. I have to admit that prior to October, my blog was well, not Grand Central Station. Hey, it wasn't even visited by me that much. If I wanted to keep it, that would have to change. Now, while all of this was going on, Char and I were plotting with Kirsten Cappy over at The Curious City to build a website for Sirenz--I know what you're thinking--'cause I was thinking it. You have a blog that YOU BARELY KEEP. And you're going to start another one?! But I did learn another important piece of importance about blogging--it doesn't have to be a big poignant tome every single time--a point NOT exemplified with this post. *blushes*

That gave me some hope... it can be short. But it DOES have to be useful. This is common sense. I visit blogs that DO something for me. That GIVE me something--whether it's advice, inspiration, a new knitting pattern, cupcakes that make me smile. I find myself going back and back to the blogs that make me say. "Wow, I want to SHARE this..." and then I end up tweeting or FB'ing posts. 

And what about, ahem... regularity? I've found that you're not going to make a big splash every time. I'm not doing a thingee-specific blog; I'm covering alot of topics--though I tend to talk about books alot, 'cause that's one of the main things I'm involved in. There are days where I'm not going to get tons of visitors. But like the lottery--the more chances you have in the bowl, the more likely you'll get picked. Blogging regularly means reader can depend on you to say something--and sometimes it'll resonate with them, and sometimes it won't. And it's all good. The point is to be in it, and out there.

Lots of this stuff is probably common sense, and has been said before, but there's nothing like actually living it, you know? What do you think?

And what about that gIvEaWay? A word about those--I ♥ contests. Mostly because I like giving presents, and it's a fun and easy and CONCRETE way to make sure a blog does GIVE something. I'm hoping that I give a little more than just prizes. I'm finding my way with that one. But it's the journey, not the destination, right?

One of the wonderful things this whole book thing has done has introduced me to so many incredibly cool people--one of whom is author and steampunk fashionista Lia Habel
The lovely Lia--photo taken from her website. LOVE that dress and parasol!

I met Lia in person when we did a signing together at Books of Wonder. Char and I were there for Sirenz, and Lia was there for her debut novel Dearly Departed. Like zombies? You will L.O.V.E. Dearly Departed. How can anyone not love a book that has the opening line: "I was buried alive."
Um... *eep!*
I'm giving away a *signed* copy of Dearly Departed (also skullified by Lia). And if THAT isn't enough, I am also including a shiny new Graven Images Oracle deck (click the link to get a free reading!) and velvet Memento Mori pouch for stashing them from my friends at Gravestone Artwear--all in all a Darkling Dream Come True! <3 Look!
<3 Winning me would make life complete <3

The Deets. To enter this *international* giveaway... 

* Leave me a comment below--with your email address if you want to be entered.

* Following my blog will get you another entry. (If you already follow me--another entry for you--cha-ching!)

* Spreading the word about my little contest on Twitter (use the hashtag #dearlydeparted) will get you another entry.

Drawing will be held on Christmas Eve (Hopefully the ghost of Jacob Marley will show up to do it. If not, the task will fall to the Mert.)! The Sheep of Destiny awaits!

PS--If you haven't already, please pop on over to THESIRENZ.COM and leave some love for Meg, Shar and Hades :) HINT: On Monday (December 19), Meg will be hosting a fabby fabby (and also international!) giveaway. It'll make you... howl?


  1. Would love to win the giveaway!!

  2. The first line is quite a catcher for the book. Thanks for the blog advise.

  3. Thank you for the giveaway!
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  4. Would love love love to win! <3 :)

  5. Oh yes the wonderful world of blogging! I've found out that it's best NOT to worry too much about followers, they will come and go in spurts and lots of times they even leave great comments. Hahaha.

    I'd love to be entered for the giveaway!
    Thank you so much!

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  6. This is an amazing giveaway! I would love to win!
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  10. Love that photo with the dress and Parasol. Sometimes I wish I could time travel back just so I could wear something like that.

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  11. Ohhh! Once again Natalie finds the coolest books and everything else! I want that blue dress and parisol for me(is that in the giveaway cause it totally should be!!LOL)!, always a loyal follower, and I stink at twitter! LMBO! Merry Christmas Everyone! <3

  12. this book is on my Christmas list i read the first 50 pages and i couldn't get enough of it.

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    good luck all!

  13. <3 Thank you thank you thank you for all the visits and comments! <3 Have seen Lia's outfits in person. O.M'Gosh. <3<3<3 ANd then of course there's that BOOK!

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  21. Yay! OMGosh--thank you guys for all these comments! This is turning out to be the best birthday weekend EVAR!

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  35. SKWEEEEEEE..........i am so excited to have won this package thank you so much this was the best Christmas gift i received this year and cant wait to get it in the mail!!!