Tuesday, January 10, 2012

GiveawAY TuesdAY... Hints!

Ha! This post almost turned into Giveaway Wednesday--but thanks to the power of the iPad (!!!) I'm doin' this one on the road (and finishing it at home--still working out the photo thingees...)!

So since the middle of last month, I've been hard at work revising my first solo project to go out on sub. As you can imagine, I'm a little excited--and tons terrified--about this. You see, I started this piece around 2006 and have been working on it here and there since then. Three editors had a look at it, two partial reads, and one full--and one of the partials didn't count because the editor was from the same house as the one who did the full (she was my mentor at a conference).

The one who did the full read rejected me. I want to add here that it was one of the nicest, and most encouraging rejection letters I ever received, and I often pull it out of the file any time I feel down about my work. Now, nearly five years later, I can see why. Actually, I could see why then too, but from this vantage point I can look back *knowing* that I was really just starting to walk down this path--the whole writing process really is a journey with detours and meanderings and scenic overlooks with each new project...

Anyway, what I have now is very different--I should say *totally* different--than what I started out with. There have been plot changes, character changes, and much to the chagrin of my critique group, name changes. Really the only thing that remains of the original manuscript, is the concept, and that's OK--I don't see the effort as wasted; it helped produced the work I have today, and I'm excited about it. And terrified--but on I go. Have you ever been here?

Never, NEVER give up. Don't be afraid to spend time exploring, don't be afraid to change things. The nice thing about words and scenes is that you will always have them. You might not end up using them as planned, but that's part of the fun of this path (fun, of course, when you are looking back on it!).

Now, I haven't forgotten that it's Giveaway Tuesday, and I want to try something a little different. Over the next couple of weeks, I'll be putting the (hopefully!) finishing touches on this manuscript before it goes out on sub. In the mean time, I'm also going to have to formulate the dreaded synopsis and blurb for the BOOKS section of my site here... So the next few giveaways are going to center around my new-old project. Each prize is going to be a hint about the story... it could be the setting, the theme, a character, or perhaps a combination. This week's prize is...

A VERY cool Tarina Tarantino Mustache Necklace!

A necklace, or...
... a clever disguise (just hold this bit under your nose)? You decide!
Made by one of my fave designers--Tarina Tarantino!
Tarina--in case you've never seen... So awesome!

Hopefully once we put all the hints together, I'll be able to give an exciting and tantalizing synopsis, and she'll be out in the world! But for now, the deets for this giveaway...

<3 Leave a comment below with your email addy And what you think this hint reveals about my story (is it a character, a time period, a prop, etc.)--that's it! Of course, followers get an extra chance to win!

<3 This is an international giveaway and ends Monday, January 16 :)

And what about the winner of the Gaga's Workshop Bonanza Bag? It's...

!!!Sarah Pearson!!!

Congrats Sarah! And thanks to everyone who's been visiting, commenting and reading my posts--I <3 you!!!


  1. Well, because of the mustache necklace it's either a western with Sam Elliott (I doubt that) or it's Victorian! :-D

    Good luck on your book!

    GFC: KaylaBeck
    pherlaithiel (at) gmail (dot) com

  2. Yeah I'd say a western. Maybe one of the main characters is a Sheriff? OR it could be set in the month of november. You know, MOvember?

    GFC: Gabbie


  3. Kayla--you HAVE to love Sam Elliott's stache! He is not involved *HOWEVER* other things you said are very accurate! Thanks mucho for the well wishes--it has been/is a long and interesting road!

    Gabbie--Also close close close! And yes am well acquainted with MOvember >:) love me beards, mutton chops, twirly staches... (not on me, of course!)

  4. I was so happy to win, thank you. Tarina has the most beautiful hair :-)

  5. LOVE Tarina's hair--her and Laini Taylor. Will have to post photo of me (really) pink, but it is quite ancient...