Thursday, February 16, 2012

Fashionably Late

A few months ago I was lucky enough to get the "Versatile Blogger Award" :) See:

But horrors, somehow I overlooked an essential aspect--nominating other blogs for the award. Here are the official rules. When you're given this award...
  • you blog about it and you include this lovely badge
  • you share some cool tidbits about your life with your readers and 
  • you nominate another 15 blogs for versatile awesomeness.
SO. without further adieu, I hereby nominate the following blogs as supremely versatile. And highly enjoyable. Please visit them :)

Steamed! ~ Steampunk for writers by lolita-writers of steampunk.
Oh The Places You'll Go ~ First hand curvy fashion with great photos.
Thoughtful Pop ~ Stay at home writer-dad. Love it.
Cupcake Blog ~ Because you need at least one cupcake every day--and this one gives several.
Cloud Chaser ~ I love reading about her various yarny projects.
Say It Rah-Shay ~ Reading and crocheting and teens and life.
Laini Taylor's Blog ~ A visual and word-filled feast from the hand of the author of Daughter of Smoke and Bone.
Lisa and Laura Write ~ Fun and funny--Lisa and Laura dish on tons of stuff--including writing.
The Duchess of Devonshire's Gossip Guide to the 18th Century ~ 'Nuff said. A fun bit: "Tart of the Week."
Steampunk Scholar ~ Thoughts of steampunk novels and such, obviously, scholarly.
Victorian London ~ Delicious, gritty information. That's the website. The blog's called The Cat's Meat Shop.
Poppy M les p'tits pois ~ It's French, and needle-crafty. I do so admire cross stitch and am contenting myself to look for the moment, before I take the plunge. Her patterns are exquisite.
River Cottage Blog ~ One day I shall have my own small holding and some sheep. Whilst I wait, I can read other people's stories on the community page... 
Style Rookie ~ Tavi. Is. Awesome.
Le Monde de Sucrette ~ J'taime crochet. 

Gosh, and the tidbits. Let's seeeeeee... well, I spend alot of time chauffeuring my children to their respective activities. I'm at the pool much, though I don't really swim--that's my daughter's thing. And I'm a procrastinator. I'm procrastinating right now. I know I should be beavering away on my new work-in-progress, but for the past day or so I've been knitting, and watching Downton Abbey (good show, that). And generally just avoiding my notebooks and entering text--although I have organized and rearranged the papers into neat piles. Guess I should go back to work now :(


  1. The only problem I have with Downton Abbey, is the fact that it time sucks! It is SO easy to think, I'll just watch one episode and a whole series later, I'm like - hmm - where did the day go! Such a great show.

    Thank you hon. x.

    1. I have to agree with you there. I downloaded seasons one and two and watched both in a matter of three days. Waiting to watch the Christmas special. This is why I stay away from TV generally--but I <3 that show!