Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Juicy From The Start... and a contest ♥

So the other day I had a chat with fellow writer (and songstress) Mimi Cross and as usual we got to talking about books, works in progress and writing, and landed on the topic of characters. Specifically--as we both have works in various stages of progress--what we liked in a main character--or really any story character, and it was pretty clear: a girl or guy who is "juicy from the start"--Mimi's words, very juicy :)

What constitutes "juicy"? Here are some of our observances:

* It's a given that in most stories, terrible things happen to characters. They may even start in a low place--but even if they're down, A JUICY CHARACTER IS UP. Whatever happens, however, she is, at her core, indomitable. BUT...

* A JUICY CHARACTER HAS BAGGAGE--be it in the form of doubts, foibles, what have you. It's that balance of flawed and fierce determination that make them relate-able, and of course, likeable. Or let's face it, hate-able. JUICY CHARACTERS ELICIT EMOTIONAL RESPONSES.

* She can hot wire a car. He can sew. Together, they can do a mean tap dance routine. JUICY CHARACTERS HAVE SKILLZ. Probably mad ones, and multiples--but they are good at something, be it mundane or magical.

* JUICY CHARACTERS don't have to necessarily GROW--but they GO THROUGH AN EXPERIENCE that, when it's over... Well, let's just say whether it's shown in the story, or happens in our minds as readers afterwards, things will never be the same. They'll never be the same--because it can't be.

At the end of the day, you don't want to be the Juicy Character's best friend--YOU WANT TO BE THE JUICY CHARACTER. Some examples: Karou, Brimstone and Zuzana of The Daughter of Smoke and Bone, Katniss and Cinna (dontcha just love Cinna?), of The Hunger Games...and hopefully (must think positive!), Vi of Wyverngirl. 


Who's that, you say? And what is a Wyverngirl? Heretofore through January and February I've given hints about elements of the story that was being prepared to go out on sub. Well, it's out on sub--a thrilling, yet terrifying prospect. So as a last giveaway and hint for February, here is something that Vi would wear (if she was walking around now and could shop at All Saints. As for Wyvern... more on them later...):

You are Juicy. Win me now...

Steampunky, gear-heady... juicy? The deets:

To win this lovely bauble, leave me a comment with your email addy (need to contact you if you win) and tell me YOUR favorite juicy character--main character, villain, supporting character, etc. by Tuesday, March 6. A random winner will be drawn from the lot, and of course, it's INTERNATIONAL!


  1. Lol! So glad to be part of this JUICY post --
    and even more excited to know what a Wyverngirl is.

    Yes, I'm one of the lucky ones, and I'll tell you, Vi is not only JUICY from the start, but she's got a JUICY center. Will she come to a JUICY end? I'm quite sure, even though not even I know that secret, JUICY bit of info.

    But I can't wait to find out, and I predict, that those lucky editors who are reading about Vi as we speak will want to snatch her and her JUICY story right up. I say, the sooner the better -- we all need to know a Wyverngirl like Vi asap.

    And now on to the JUICY bauble above, which I WANT.

    There are some great juicy characters out there, and one of my recent faves is sixteen-year-old Lucy from Jo Treggiari's ASHES, ASHES. Surviving on her own in the dystopian wilderness of a ruined NYC, I think she and Katniss Everdeen could probably lead a wicked rough camping trip together! Scholastic knows JUICY, for sure.

    Goodbye for now my JUICY ones. Sheep of Destiny, pick me!

    1. Dahlink, you are one of the JUICIEST people I know <3

  2. Surely, you'd have to include both Meg and Shar in the juicy category? :-)

    I'm sarahpearson1705@ gmail.com

    And I want to know more about Vi!

    1. ;) Cheers my JUICY friend <3 <3 <3 More on Vi and friends coming soon!

  3. My favourite juicy character would be Ann Eliza Young from The 19th Wife by David Ebershoff. She was brought up as a Latter-Day Saint in a polygamist community. However, she constantly ponders the truth of the Prophet's words that polygamy will guarantee both men and women a sure ticket to Heaven. Just as her faith begins to crumble, she makes friends with people who are of different religions and discovers that she has the right to defend herself. This cements her intentions of breaking free from the Mormon Church. And thus, she embarks on a journey to speak out against polygamy, Mormonism, and the prophet, also her husband - Brigham Young himself.

    1. Excellent--and definitely JUICY! Adding that to my to-read pile...