Wednesday, February 8, 2012


So during a search on steampunk-iffery, I came across this fantastic image:

I got this great image of Bessie from <3

You really need to read about Bessie Coleman, she's amazing (not to mention she looks great in goggles!). Remembered three days in that February is Black History Month... am feeling ever so behind already, *but* I like to believe that it's never too late for good things, so do read Bessie's story :)

And of course here we are at Wednesday and yesterday was GiveaWay TuesdAy--I have something REALLY special for my next giveaway, but I wants it it my hands before I post it here. But how about a hint?!

Something special from the dearies coming this way soon! <3

In the mean time, we need to pick a winner for the Chinese New Year Prize Pack--the $20 Starbucks card and Jade Bangle. Oh Sheep of Deeeeeeeeeestinyyyyyyyyyyyy...

And the winner is....

...wait for it...


Congrats Panda! And thank you to everyone who stopped by, read, commented and followed--I <3 you! Next giveaway extreemly soon --as soon as the dearies arrive >:)

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  1. What an inspiring story!

    Congratulations to Panda :-)