Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Juxstapose ♥ The Hunger Games and Marie Antoinette

I don't want to go toooooo overboard on the Hunger Games posts ('cause I could, you know). But I wanted to talk about one aspect of the film that stuck with me--and that is the style of the Capital. I know--the Capital is EVIL. Yes, totally. But their clothes... and their HAIR!

My first thought was how much 18th Century styling went into the Capital look. Removing the ills that lay behind the facade, I really enjoyed the visual feast the designers set out in The Hunger Games movie--and it reminded me of another film that was equally visually stunning: Marie Antoinette. Some juxtaposition (all photos are film stills):

Effie Trinket's make-up and accessories--so like...
...Marie's! Even the makeup--though in this pairing, the 18th C is "softer."
Another outfit switch. Loving the hair. Not so much the nails...
...and here's another hauntingly similar image. The raised glass--and hair!
Let's not forget the guys. Caesar's stylin' blue sheen suit and wig...
...could definitely go toe to toe with Louis XVI's pretty suit.
And on a darker note--what think you about Seneca's crazy-wicked beard?!
Even the food had flair. This gives "Capitalist Pig" a whole new meaning...
Equally at home in the Capital, or at Court!
To oversimplify: Ideas, visuals, people, stories... it's all interconnected. Have you witnessed any juxtapositions lately?