Thursday, March 15, 2012

Public Library Association Conference 2012

We met some faboo people at the PLA conference in the city of Brotherly Love. Here are some photographic remembrances...

I know evil photos were taken of me today (me NO like bad angles!), so here is an acceptable one. I've always wanted to take an outfit photo, so here's a first. For today, I picked an Anna Scholz lumo-leopard dress and crepe sleeves, and my well-loved Martin Margiela sock-sandals. LOVE these! Not pictured--my black Betty bag. ♥ the pockets on that.
...and another shot of the dress to show the neckline. LOVING this dress... You can sorta see my awesome dragon necklace.
Onto the show! Here's our signing table. All the ARCs of Sirenz Back In Fashion flew out of the booth! We also gave away bracelets, Hades bookmarks, "Some Like It Haute!" pins and chocolate coins (ferry-fare)...
Then there's this soft-focus (OK, REALLY soft-focus) photo of Char. Don't know how that happened.
Ooo! Here are fellow authors and Jersey girls Margie Gelbwasser and Alissa Grosso and super-publicist Steve from Flux. We also saw Linda Bozzo--another author and Jersey girl!
Margie and Alissa with their titles (and others!)...

Alissa at her signing...

And last but not least, a closeup of some of the other exciting upcoming Flux titles! All in all, a great day!


  1. It's easier to lie about my age when the pic is fuzzy! ;)

  2. I have to play with that iPad camera--it looks like far away shots (like the on from Niagara Falls) come out really clear, but the close ones are kinda grainy. There must be settings of some kind... Advice, anyone??

  3. Alas, I have no iPad and can offer no advice, but even out of focus or taken from allegedly bad angles, you fashionable ladies look great. It was great to see you yesterday!

    1. Same here dahlink!!! BTW, you have to tell me when you'll be at BEA--am going as a civilian with Yvonne Ventresca on the Wednesday...

  4. Okay, I was going to squee about how great you look, and how much I love that necklace but then I saw the picture of Alissa Grosso. You were with Alissa? 'Popular' Alissa?

    Okay, I'll stop the squealing :-)

    1. Yes indeed! It's "that" Alissa Grosso! As a matter of fact, I have a signed ARC of Ferocity Summer that I'll be giving away shortly... :)