Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Dear Reader...

OK. So tomorrow I'm going to Chicago for RT--the Romantic Times Booklovers Convention. Breathe. I'm kinda excited and kinda scared. Excited to meet new people and spread the word about Sirenz and, well me (another post for another time--my love-hate relationship with social media, promoting self, etc.). Terrified of crowds. Terrified. And from what I've heard, crowds there will be...

In the goodie bags from me, at the Gaslamp Gathering Steampunk tea...

I've pretty much spent the past month prepping for this conference, packing up Sirenz and Steampunk goodies--the next four days are gonna be great (my crossables are officially crossed!)! If you're at RT this weekend, look for Char and me--I will be the hobbitish lady wtih silver hair and a very cool mustache manicure...

On Wednesday, April 11
Char and I will be at the YA Slumber Party from 11:45 pm - 1 am 
Contests! Giveaways! Make sure you wear some cool slippers!

On Thursday, April 12
I will be at the Gaslamp Gathering from 2:45-3:45
Tea, Steampunk and a slew of frabulous authors--don't miss it!

Char and I have TWO Club RT appearances, one at 10:30, and another at 1:30. Stop by and see us for a chance to win a gift basket!

On Saturday, April 14
Char and I will be in YA Alley at the Bookfair from 10:45am to 2pm. Everyone who buys a copy of Sirenz will be entered to win a prize stuffed, signed ARC of SIRENZ BACK IN FASHION!


  1. Have a safe trip, and I'm sending positive energy your way! Oh yeah - have lots of fun! :-D

  2. I'm sure you are going to have an awesome time. Can't wait to hear all about it!

  3. I hope you're having a whale of a time :-)

  4. Having lovely time, Dahlinks! But tired--late nights, and SO much happening! Check out latest post with my favorite photo so far... <3