Thursday, April 5, 2012

Things to think about when giving the gift of (a) life...

Yes, wunnies start out this small, and so cute! Photo: audreyjm529 at Flickr
We've kept rabbits for a while now. They are wonderful creatures, smart and sweet, and when they are babies, cute as a button.
Handled properly, bunnies snuggle and give love back. Photo: jpockele at Flickr

As Easter approaches, they also seem to become a gift option. Please, if you celebrate Easter and are thinking of purchasing a rabbit, please know that you are making a commitment that could last ten years, possibly more...
Etta--our very own rescue bunny :)
And it's the same for baby chicks, so cute and fluffy--but they grow scales and feathers REALLY fast (a couple of weeks)--a handsome chicken is no puffy chicklet!

bunnies ♥ chicks ♥


  1. Wow! Do people really give live bunnies and chicks as gifts?

  2. Yes, at Easter--I suppose it makes for a lovely visual, but then they don't realize what they're in for (if they're to care for the animals properly). I'm also not very fond of the term "starter pet." Starter pet?!

  3. I really wish people would stop giving living creatures as pets. It's simply not the best way to add a new member to the family.