Monday, April 23, 2012

My Last RT Post--Me... and Anne Rice?

So I had a bizarre dream last night...

I was at the RT conference--except it was *different* than the RT conference that I attended; there were lots of kids running around--young kids. Among the things going on was a kind of pagent or play, and my youngest son was in it. He was dressed like a vampire--think the "Count Chocula" variety. Anyway, Anne Rice was there, walking around...

No one mobs her. She checks out some displays, smiles at the kids... and then goes to this area behind and off to the side of where they're performing and sits down on this green couch. I think, "oh good! I can get her autograph!" but I have no book. I scrounge up some paper and go to talk to her, but someone beats me to it--a guy, who sits down next to her, pulls out a manuscript (most likely--no, definitely--his) and gets into a lengthy conversation with her.

I wait patiently until he's done, give her a minute or two to be alone, then go up to her and stutter some gushy fan girl nonsense. She kind of listens, and kind of doesn't, and when I start to move my signing paper in her direction, she makes a kind of pout, and says, "No."

"I just want your autograph," I say.

And she says, "No," again. I can't tell whether she's annoyed, is drawing the line with how many things she's going to sign, or if it's me.

Then she hands me a flyer. "This is for my latest book," she says, and the conversation is over.

"Okay," I say and start to walk away. I feel the lump forming in my throat, and I start to cry.

At this point she calls me back and says, kindly, "wait a minute. I have to know what brought on such an emotional response."

"I... I... didn't want to come," I snivel, "but then I saw you were gonna be here..." 

At this point I sort of wake up. And I am weeping.


Tears are running down my face. My pillow is wet! WTF?!

I start remembering the details of the dream, and I get to the part with the pout--AND I START CRYING AGAIN!


Now I have to say that a) I love Anne Rice, b) I *was* disappointed that I didn't get to see/meet her at the real RT, but  c) am VERY sure, considering friend and fellow author Amelie Howard's meeting with her (running into her in the hallway, Amelie got a few precious minutes with her--LUCKY!), the convo would've been quite different from the above.

My husband, the wit, informed me that it was due to lack of carbs--I've been near-carb free for the past two days. Apparently, (get your tomatoes ready, people) I was craving "rice".  Ha ha ha.

Weird, huh?


  1. Craving rice - bwahahaha.

    A weird dream but clearly you were channeling your disappointment at not meeting her. Though your dream Anne could have been more cooperative.

  2. I think the thing that really threw me was that I've NEVER woken up from a dream *actually* in tears--bizarre!