Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Wednesday Next... a Gaslamp Gathering Post

So last week when I was at RT I attended (and helped out) at the Gaslamp Gathering--a tea party for attendees thrown by a bevy of published Steampunk writers. And me. As of right  now I'm waiting to be a published writer of Steampunk. Or Victorian fantasy. Or whatever it is that I'm going to call Wyverngirl (another post for another time: Labels, and Why I Despise Them).

As fate would have it, whilst I was at said conference, I got five rejections for WG (pet name for the manuscript). Even though they were all pretty complimentary (one SO CLOSE!), and with constructive criticism, as you can imagine, they didn't make my day. Once I got over the first stage of mourning, I could definitely see where improvements could be made and started taking notes--for later of course, because it's still out at several places and who knows, another editor might a) think it's brilliant as is (hahaha!) b) have mercy, or perhaps c) see potential and ask for edits on spec or otherwise. That and I have other projects and obligations and  stuff that need my attention.

What this all comes down to is that my 10 little crafted prize bags that I made for the gathering--each containing clues about WG to entice those who got them to come and visit me here--are pretty much, well, up in the air. I was going to ask for guesses as to what they might mean, but I'm not sure if all of them will still be in the story once I've done another pass--for another round of submissions or for an editor. Anyway, one element of the story that I'm quite sure will stay (for any editors reading this--I am FLEXIBLE!), are the medical experiments. I really liked the creep factor of all of that, and Victorian healthcare is so... gritty? 

SO please, cross your crossables for me (I have mine crossed for you, for whatever it is you're hoping for) and leave a comment below and you could win this:

Great for research--and the pictures are cool!

Followers get extra entries. Were you at the Gaslamp Gathering? Tell me--and that'll get you an extra entry too! A random drawing of all entries will be done Wednesday next, April 25. And of course, it's INTERNATIONAL!

In other news, we need a winner for that signed ARC of FEROCITY SUMMER. The Sheep of Destiny says...


YAY! And BTW, that fantabulous prize of *exceptional magnificence* is not Gray's Anatomy (although that is pretty freaking cool). THAT is going to be via a guest blog I'll be doing for fellow Bradford-kateer Amy Alexander. Look for her guest post here in a couple of days...


  1. OMG! You definitely know how to make the heart of a little med student beat faster! That book is beautiful..
    Best of luck with your manuscript!

    Oh, and I'm a GFC follower :)

    1. Thank you muchly, dahlink! ♥♥♥♥

  2. Hi Natalie :)
    It's good to see you again (I was at RT Chicago, Gaslight Gathering of course)
    Good luck on your manuscript, I can't wait for some lucky publisher to see its potential so I can read it. I'm a follower (GFC).

    Mindy :)

    1. TY TY!!! I'm finding the best way to deal with the waiting is to just stay BUSY. Very, VERY busy... Hope you had a blast at RT--once I got over my crowd-o-phobia, I was good!

  3. Plucked from the Sheep of Destiny--the winner of the Gray's Anatomy book is... Daisy! Emailing now!