Sunday, April 15, 2012

What Happens At RT Stays At RT

Well, not really. Here are some incriminating photos...
Karina Cooper and Eden Bradley at the Gaslamp Gathering.

So I took this silhouette photo of Lenanna Renee Hieber...

...and experimented. Always wanted to make one of these!

Mr. Pamuk was NOT at RT, but he was much talked of.

The official mourning society for poor dead Mr. Pamuk.

We took some time out to explore Chicago. Behold the subway!

Spotted on Michigan Avenue--which proved to be inspirational for Cate.

Cate's feet. Don't ask. It was supposed to be something else, but, FAIL.

We went to Gino's for deep dish pizza. Note the line...

Char and Amelie Howard--still smiling after waiting an hour for pizza...

View from a bridge--so pretty at twilight!

Look who I found at the Highland Fling--MEG!

...and the Morigan!

There can only be ONE Highlander!

And only one Cole Gibsen. And she makes stuff too!

Bluebeard showed up at the book fair...

...and book connoisseur of discerning taste, Melissa Marie!

Amelie Howard across YA Alley, being naughty, as usual...

And me with Franny Billingsley! She is all sorts of awesome <3

Wow. Just... wow. How lucky was I to go to this. And there is more. A guest blog post with further adventures and a giveaway of *EXCEPTIONAL MAGNIFICENCE* coming this week!


  1. That looks like so much fun! I'm glad you got to go.

    1. Me too! Really need to get over my fear of crowds... :O

  2. Thanks for sharing the fun pictures! Be safe returning home. :-)

  3. Awesomeness. And poor dead Mr. Pamuk

    1. Poor dead Mr. Pamuk! Have you seen his twitter page? I hear it's really good...

  4. Did i text you the picture of you and Franny Billingsley???