Thursday, May 10, 2012

Pens for Paws!

As you can see from Miss Etta Bunny, I'm a sucker for rescue ♥ naminals ♥

♥ Etta ♥

So when I saw a tweet from my agent about Pens for Paws, I knew I wanted to help. Looky-look at this awesome Sirenz Prize Pack!

Win me and some other great stuff!

There are loads of other fabulous goodies out there from people in the writing community--authors, agents, readers and more!--and all for such a lovely cause. Fat Kitty City is a no-kill cat sanctuary that also takes in dogs when time/space allows.

Yes, your pinkness!

Our auction ends on Saturday--come on, aside from the books (fab fab fab!!!), you KNOW you want some killer lashes--and these are KILLER (and pink!)!


  1. Thanks for helping to spread the word, Natalie! I got a late start this morning, so I'm glad the auction has enough momentum (and donors who are on the ball) to start without me today.

  2. I missed your auction, but I'll check out the others. What a great cause.