Thursday, June 28, 2012

Dear Teen Me...

Dear Teen Me--out  November 2012!
What a week. I was just at the USA Synchro National Age Group Championships with my daughter and her swim team, the Westfield Y Aquaducks (NJ's only synchronized swimming team--sorry, shameless plug). I love supporting the girls, but while I was away, my post at Dear Teen Me went live! Here's a small sample...

...You and a few other people are chosen to be on a panel. You’ll be sent out of the room for a few minutes so the class can formulate questions to ask you.

Of course, you’re nervous. You don’t like getting up in front of a crowd of people—you still don’t. Despite the pink hair and the outwardly happy-go-lucky attitude, you don’t feel confident. You want to give good, clever answers to whatever questions they ask you—or at least not look like a moron. But there’s no time to prepare—and none of you are told anything about the questions. It doesn’t matter.

You’re determined to give it your best shot, and take your seat in front of the room when you’re called back in.


But that’s not what this experiment is about. Unbeknownst to the lot of you waiting outside, Mr. S. has given you all ‘label names.’ The questions or the answers don’t matter at all. The rest of the waiting class is instructed to treat you as your name suggests:

Praise Me
Abuse Me
Criticize Me

Who are you? (Oh, if you only knew about this part…)

Your name is...

Want to read more? Visit Dear Teen Me to read mine, and more posts from other frabulous authors. And... please leave a comment (asks nicely, with teeth!)? ♥

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