Saturday, July 28, 2012

Let The Games Begin Giveaway!

My favourite (yes, with the "ou") moments from the opening ceremonies...

♥ The butterfly-bird bikes and the Arctic Monkeys singing "Come Together" ♥

♥ A history of Britain

♥ Bedtime Stories--was that the Childcatcher from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang?! ♥

I haven't done a giveaway in a while, and I have something *larger* planned, but I just have to do this. So, in the last part of the Bedtime Stories, Mary Poppins (LOVE MP!) comes down to save the day. Most people know Mary Poppins as she's played by Julie Andrews in Disney's version of the story--which is very cool, I love me my Julie Andrews. BUT--thanks to Oprah's book reviews, I went and picked up first the modernized version, and then the original of P.L. Traver's story. WHAT A DIFFERENCE. So... this giveaway will include:

♥ A copy of Mary Poppins by P.L. Travers (sorry, I'm not parting with my well loved copy from 1934 yet!).
♥ A copy of Ian Flemming's Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (no child catcher--even though I SO loved him in the film)!
♥ A copy of  At The Edge of the World, the first part of Simon Schama's fabulous history of Britain.

What do you have to do to win this marvelous prize? Well, just leave me a comment below with YOUR favorite opening ceremonies moment. Followers get extra entries of course, and it's an international giveaway ♥ Get your entries in by FRIDAY AUGUST 3! A random drawing of all entries will be done at The 2012 YA Fest on August 4!


  1. There were so many wonderful moments, but when Paul McCartney started crying in the first verse of Hey Jude, I freaking lost it! I cried so hard, but they were tears of joy. It was amazing.

    - Liz

  2. Hard to pick one, music, James Bond!

  3. Wow! A giveaway on this site! Unbelievable!! I don't have a favorite opening ceremony moment, but I'd agree with Liz here.

  4. I did not get to watch the Opening Ceremony! *cries* My daughter was in the ER that night, so I missed everything. I am probably going to watch it tomorrow night on YouTube or something when I have a babysitter. My favorite part is usually all of the fantastic costumes that are shown. I've tried to skip all reviews and news about the OC so I will be surprised (or whatever).

    1. Hi Kayla! Hope she's feeling better! ♥ (Been to the ER with each of mine... stitches, stitches, CT scans...)

  5. Congrats Liz! And thanks to everyone for stopping by and commenting! ♥