Monday, July 16, 2012

Top NINE @hopenumber9!

I spent the past weekend at the biennial Hackers On Planet Earth conference. I'm not the most tech-savvy person, and while the gathering has a definite, technical slant, there's more to hacking than computers (I was there doing research for mine and Char's upcoming project, Blonde Ops--more on this later--but let's just say that we're going to need some technical details!). Here's my TOP NINE from the weekend (in no particular order)...

Advanced Handcuff Hacking Talk 

Very handy if you get into a tight spot...

The 3D Printer

Model city--PRINTED OUT!

I'm Not A Real Friend, But I Play One On The Internet Talk

OK Friends... are any of you bots?!

The Autism Spectrum And You Talk*

An enlightening and inspirational perspective on this wiring of the brain. 

The Secret Elevator

Necessary @HotelPenn. I'd tell you where it is, but then I'd have to kill you...

Jason Scott’s Strange and Wonderful Digital History Argosy

Sounds Steampunkish! A fantastic talk about much AND I learned a new word!

Social Engineering Panel

Because the best defense is a GREAT offense!

Electric Bodies and Possible Worlds Talk**

Technology for mind, body and spirit...

More Women!

Attendees, presenters, volunteers--AWESOME!
* ♥ Special thanks to Raven Muse for the Autism graphic ♥
** The infographic for Electric Bodies and Possible Worlds is from via Sheboygan Chevrolet as part of an article by : Technology That You Can Wear

PS--BONUS 10! All of the talks at HOPE9 are available on DVD!

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