Sunday, September 16, 2012

Too many tomatoes... NOW what're you gonna do?!

What is it, four more days of summer? Behold, the last of the tomatoes, some shredded basil and garlic, all grown by yours truly.
Before going into the oven...
...and after!
A few pulses in the processor and it's quite a nice sauce. More orangey than red, maybe because of the skins and seeds (lots of vitamins in those!)? But quite yummo ♥ Ingredients: as many toms as you can fit in the pan, a few torn up leaves of basil, about 6 garlic cloves, a splash of olive oil, pepper (grind it yourself) and sea salt.


  1. These look lovely. I've just ripped out our strawberry plants that never gave us any strawberries, and I'm trying tomatoes next year :-)

  2. ♥ Am having a similar issue with a blueberry bush... I SO want blueberries, but I have the patience of a spider >:)