Sunday, November 25, 2012

Author Acrostic ♥ Kathy McCullough

Another frabulous author acrostic poem, this time from my writer-pal Kathy McCullough--and just in time for Cyber Monday--which isn't all about shopping BTW, although you can most certainly go to your local bookstore and pick up Kathy's DON’T EXPECT MAGIC (Random House/Delacorte)--just published in paperback this month! Don't Expect Magic is the story of...

Delaney Collins,
One rare fairy godmother;
Never wielded a wand
Til now.

Everything changes.
EXpectations are upended.
Ensue, but then
Complications arise and
Trouble brews (of the romantic kind).

Maybe not all is lost,
And if Delaney can
Grant one last wish,
In the end, her own will
Come true.

The sequel, WHO NEEDS MAGIC?, in which Delaney faces off against a rival fairy godmother, will be published in July 2013. And, of course, there are the *burning* questions...

NZ: What are you working on now?

KM: I’ve started a new teen novel, which is very new, so I’m afraid to say more, as I’m very superstitious and also have started and dropped a few ideas already. I’m also working on a middle grade idea.

NZ: I'm coming to your home state. Where's the best place:

...for a writer to visit?

KM: I think downtown Los Angeles is a fun place for a writer, because it’s got the oldest buildings and a lot of character. You can imagine writers of the past from this area, like Raymond Chandler, walking the streets. The Central Library downtown is a beautiful building and, of course, filled with books! grab a latte?

KM: Where to start? Of course, there are Starbucks, Coffee Beans and Peet’s everywhere. But for more quirky fare, I’d say head to one of the smaller, funkier writer hangouts. Among those near me are Insomnia Café (no website!) and Café Om.

To write...

KM: See above :)

To read...

KM: Susina Bakery ( is a bakery/café with a European feeling and it’s a great place to, well, grab a latte (so add it to the above list) and read. You could write there too, but the vibe is more about relaxing than working. get a taste of Don't Expect Magic?

KM: Many local readers have noted that the magical mall in Don’t Expect Magic bears a striking resemblance to the Grove shopping mall near me. Almost all of Who Needs Magic? is set at this same mall!

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  1. Thanks so much for this fun opportunity (and writer challenge!!) Happy Cyber Monday to all. :)