Wednesday, May 29, 2013

A little candle magic, New York style ♥

Make a wish...   Strike a match...   Manifest...

If only it was that easy! The lighting of a candle won't solve problems by miracle--but it can help you to focus so that you can help yourself: The magic of the mind. I started exploring candle magic after my first visit to Enchantments, one of the shops I'd researched for Wandering Witch's New York Adventure (writing has the potential to bring a person to the most marvelous places...). While Enchantments carries the usual wares you'd expect to find in any such shop--herbs, incense and tarot cards--it is the candle bar, peppered with stray glitter and piled high with well worn, hand written reference books that make it unique.

Enchantments' cozy interior...
Behind the bar, amidst the jars of herbs and bottles of oils the folks at Enchantments will custom carve a candle just for you--because symbols and color and scent are great aids for focusing (I've been reminded more than once that when it comes to the written word, smell is the most powerful for recalling memory, setting scene and establishing mood). 
Creative conjuring at the Candle Bar...

It starts with a question: What do you want to do? General, but powerful. Talking about your goal or issue helps to define it--and more importantly, forces you to examine what it is that you really want.
A rainbow of blessings...
A candle is then carved and dressed and blessed for you with appropriate colors, incense, herbs and oils for you and your goal. The human element of the whole process--the candle you walk away with is not only a tool but a product of the artistry, knowledge and love of the person who made it for (and with!) you--adds to the power, the charm, and its efficacy.
Everyone ♥'s a Counter Kitty!
Enchantments is an empowering environment. They offer classes on candle magic so you can learn to create your own light. Inquire about this and other events by calling the shop at 212.228.4394 or email at

Bright blessings! ♥


  1. Wow, I've never heard of candle magic. My sister used to give me candles at Christmas and I could never get into it, maybe because the resident Newfie dog tail seemed to swat them continually.

    Beautiful shop though, hope they make a go of it.

    Nice to see Broomstix has made a resurgence. I am not a kid (pushing 57) but I always enjoyed reading it.

    1. ♥♥♥ Thank you so much for stopping by! This shop has been around for a while now, in different forms. I love going there--it has such a good vibe. Thanks also for your kind words about Broomstix. I'm loving the new format--so easy to post and edit. Going to open up to new submissions soon! xxx

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