Monday, March 24, 2014

Blogging from A to Z April Challenge Theme Reveal: Blonde Ops

Thank you so much to my friend and fellow writer Yvonne Ventresca for telling me about the April A to Z Challenge! Today is theme reveal day and mine is...

Blonde Ops!

Mine and Charlotte Bennardo's newest book comes out May 6, and the A to Z Challenge is the perfect way to start the count down. Every day, I'll be revealing a little tidbit about the story :) Be sure to check out some of the many blogs that are participating--there are over 1500!


  1. Love that AZ will help in marketing a book!

    Damyanti, cohost, AZ challenge, 2014

    1. I had a few ideas for themes--but the timing is just *too* good! I'm looking forward to dropping some hints about the story ♥