Monday, March 3, 2014

The Summer of Letting Go Launch Countdown!

THE SUMMER OF LETTING GO tells the story of almost-16-yr-old Francesca “Beans” “Frankie” Schnell who, four years ago witnessed her baby brother, Simon, drown. Guilty and broken, Francesca has hunkered down in the shadows of her life, resolved to play second fiddle to her dead brother’s memory and to her best friend Lisette, a blonde bubbly beauty Francesca lives vicariously through. That is, until she meets a young boy named Frankie Sky who bears an uncanny resemblance to her brother. Frankie brings humor and hope to Francesca’s life, but are all the similarities between Frankie and Simon merely wishful coincidences, or could he be Simon’s reincarnation? 

Curious coincidences abound in The Summer of Letting Go. Do you think our lives are random, or do you think there’s “something bigger and magical at work”? Have you ever experienced strange events that seemed like more than coincidence and made you wonder if fate was at work or that soul and or reincarnation exist? The Summer of Letting Go will be released this month, and author Gae Polisner is posing that very question, asking folks to share their experiences with karma, kismet or a mystical connection. 

CLICK HERE to read mine and my Blonde Ops-Sirenz-co-author and cohort Char Bennardo's answers...

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