Monday, May 5, 2014

A to Z Challenge Reflections

I loved doing this challenge and can't wait until next year! Thanks so much to my author-pal Yvonne Ventresca for telling me about it (her debut YA novel, PANDEMIC releases TOMORROW!). There are definitely things I intend to improve for next time--it was a bit challenging to keep up with visiting other folks' blogs while I was traveling. But the benefits far outweighed the challenges. Some cool things that happened after 30 days of blogging A to Z...

♥ I got to count down to Blonde Ops which releases tomorrow! It was fun to drop hints about the book :)

♥ I know it isn't all about the numbers, but April was a great month for me--over 3000 visits!

♥ I have some awesome new followers ♥

♥ I found some new friends and some really cool blogs to follow--check them out:


  1. I'm so glad you found the experience worthwhile! I did, too. Thanks for joining me on our first A-to-Z Adventure.


  2. It was so great meeting you through this challenge. You're a gem! :)

  3. I just found you in a very round-about way; I also did A to Z but I also have an agent at Bradford (Sarah LaPolla) so I saw some tweets about your book release. Congrats on your book! I tagged it on Goodreads b/c it's exactly the type of contemporary YA I like.

    1. Agent sistah--how awesome! Congrats on landing Sarah :) and thank you so much for your kind words about Blonde Ops!