Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Meditating on gratitude...

I was recently tagged on Facebook to talk about Gratitude. I decided to address that call here, because the topic is so important and I recently had an experience that brought it home...

The research for my current project has put me on the road, a place where I've always felt at home, despite its transitory nature (I'm a Sagittarius after all). I'm very fortunate to have family and friends who have always supported me and my work and have happily accompanied me from adventure to adventure even when they didn't know what to expect, even when my ideas were clearly hair-brained. Sometimes, though, I think I really get it right:

The photo above was taken by my daughter Mari (please like her Facebook page, Marichrome Media!) at Cherry Springs State Park in Pennsylvania (yes, that is a shooting star!). As a person who has always lived in an urban area, seeing stars like this was humbling. Inspirational, and... comforting. The sight/site confirmed (for me) that we all have our place in the Universe, we are all, as Carl Sagan said, made of star stuff. One day I will return to the sky, ready for the next journey. For that, and all of the above, I am so very, very grateful. ♥

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