Monday, September 1, 2014

Washington DC and Delmarva Pagan Pride Day

Research for "the project hopefully to be announced soon" took me south this month. There are many hidden treasures in Washington, DC, many thought provoking in different ways. Some snapshots...

Pentacles. They're everywhere.
The Korean War Memorial. Stare into the eyes of the soldiers, and try to see what they see.
...but should it be?
There are many ways to fight...
The National Cathedral proved itself to be quite Hogwart-ish...
For once my timing was good and I was able to drop in on the Delmarva Pagan Pride Festival. At last I was able to reconnect with Amy Blackthorn and Helena Domenic and spend some quality time with Caroline Kenner of the Fool's Dog (Kat and I are eternally grateful to her for bringing Graven Images Oracle to iPhone and Android). I also got to pay a brief visit to the Bell Book and Candle shop and met more cool people than I can count... here are a few fleeting images (drat that I didn't get any of the  Blackthorn's HooDoo Blend's tea tent and the many MANY tins of Van Van and Florida Water tea I managed to snag...) :

I loved these guys! Yay for Gargoyle Bells!
Thankfully we arrived in time to hear S.J. Tucker!
Wand gorgeousness... move over Ollivanders
Brought to you by the gentlemen of the Wizards Tower (they also make ritual wear!) ♥
Selfies! ♥

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