Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Treasures... a Spell Kit from a Friend ♥

Last week I read Tarot for my friend Jennifer Murgia at her launch party for her latest Young Adult release, Forest of Whispers (a good read indeed!). As a present, Jennifer gave me a spell kit, which I put to use for today's New Moon.

I love spell kits--making and using them.  Jennifer's held the basics: a circle of sacred space, a bit of each element to cast the circle, and a starter invocation. New Moons are for planting seeds, stating intentions, making wishes. Using the kit as the base for my ritual, I added some touches of my own: my wishes written out, and a little spell:

For my New Moon intentions,
I've made some of these before.
With the passing of each moon
The door opens a little more.
Swing wide!

Use today's Libra (balance!) New Moon to assess and address. Where have you placed your efforts so far this year towards what you want to accomplish? What still needs to be done? Write out your frustrations, intentions and plans--then take a deep breath, make a wish, and move forward!

Happy New Moon!


  1. I'm so grateful for our friendship! Thank you for reading at my launch! Blessed Be <3

    1. As am I! Bright Blessings, my friend! ♥