Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Everybody wants a piece of doggle-berry pie ♥

Yesterday, we adopted a dog!
Who's a DOG?! I'm a dog!
I spotted him on and filled out an application (that was, happily, approved quickly!). I encourage anyone who is thinking about bringing a dog (or kitty or bunny or...) into your life and home to consider adoption. I know sometimes it can be a frustrating process, but its so worth it as can be seen from Brokkr's story (more on the name below...):
He ♥s his ball...
Brokkr was found as a stray by the local animal shelter in upstate New York. When animals are taken in they don't have long to be claimed before they're put down. I'm guessing this is due to limited resources, a sad story all around. Anyway, the shelter posted notices for a week, but no one came to claim him--but before he could be put down, the Sullivan County SPCA stepped in to see if they could find him a home. He was listed on petfinder, and then the weekend that I filled out the application, he was taken to an adoption event where lots of people were interested in taking him home--HOWEVER--I was first in line :)
Noses and eyeses...
When I came to pick him up I heard a little more about "Shorty's" story. He wasn't sick or starving when he was found--so he must have belonged to someone not too long ago. He's friendly and housebroken, and as for "Shorty," he didn't respond to the name (another hint that he had a previous, loving home). We batted a few ideas around, and finally, (based on our recent Vikings binge) settled on Brokkr--half of the master-craftsman dwarf duo who made Thor's hammer. Of course, I can't leave a name alone, so poor Brokkr will also be...

Brokk-Brokk Dog-Dog
And, of course, Brokkle-berry-pie

There are so many great animals out there waiting for a home. Please adopt if you're looking for a pet!