Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween at Laurel Hill Cemetery

...and for a firelight tour no less! I need to explore this place during the day time, but rest-assured this Philadelphia necropolis is filled with lots of delicious crumbly stones. The events that are held here through the Friends of Laurel Hill Cemetery are equally good (including a Hearse Show which I was told takes place in July--MUST investigate). Last night's graveyard walk took us through candle-lit avenues of shadowy markers and headstones to several story-tellers perched along the route...
Can you tell me how to get to High Street in Philadelphia? I must get home TONIGHT!
The half moon, bonfires and flickering luminaries put the place in an appropriately eerie light...
The Gorey-esque poetry of Susurrus Din added a note of dark humor to the evening.
Happy Haunting and Happy Halloween!

Many thanks to Marichrome Media for her fantastical photos!

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