Monday, December 8, 2014

Making Yuletide Crackers With The Ladies of Phi Mu ♥

Last year my editor at Llewellyn gave me the challenge of writing a series of green ritual crafts for the 2015 Sabbats Almanac--game on! It was great fun giving everyday toss-aways new life as seasonal tools, and toys and I was super-honored to show my Phi Mu sisters the Yule craft: making Christmas crackers out of recycled materials. Apart from a few basic craft supplies and the cracker snaps, the crackers and their contents are made from holiday catalogs and TP and paper towel rolls. For the cracker "toy" we made Yule Log candles. Not everyone has a fire place or fire pit for a Yule log, but with a little beeswax, some sun-friendly herbs (cinnamon, clove and orange peel) and a whole lot of glitter, these little candles just might be the next best thing. Check it out!

And there were cupcakes!
Jokes, mottos, mad libs, or coupons...

Paper crowns made from catalog pages!

TP and paper towel rolls form the base of the cracker...

Posh catalog pages make great cracker wrappers!

Leave one end open so you can stuff it with prizes :)

Everything's better with glitter!

Sprinkle the beeswax sheet with herbs before rolling it up...

Then roll it in glitter!

Ready to share!
There are eight green ritual crafts to try in this year's almanac plus a TON of other articles, recipes, rituals, crafts and holiday lore from so many fabulous authors. I'm so proud to be a part of this publication! Order your copy of Llewellyn's 2015 Sabbats Almanac HERE (and I think it's on sale!). 

Bright blessings for a magical Yuletide, glorious holidays, and a brilliant 2015!

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