Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Live Long And Prosper

In honor of Leonard Nimoy, the Blessing card from mine and Katharine Clark's Graven Images Oracle:

The Symbol: On this headstone from the Jewish cemetery, the Cohanim Hands touch thumb-to-thumb, forefinger-to-forefinger. This is the sign of the old priestly tribe of Aaron, and appear on the markers of some of this tribe’s descendants. Holding the hands in this position forms an opening through which God’s radiance can reach down to the congregation. The stylized primrose surrounding the hands mean eternal love, memory and hope. 

Interpretation: Blessing is the “Divine” (fortune, God, Kismet) reaching down to bless you with a sudden unexpected turn of events. This turn is very positive but unpredictable and temporal. There is a chance here to fix a problem, say what went unspoken, and change the small details and nuances. Such actions will have surprising effects in a greater proportion than the initiating act. The time to move is now, however, before the Divine light fades.

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