Tuesday, April 7, 2015

April A to Z Challenge! F is for... Flip-flopping and the Flim-Flam Brothers...

Yes, I'm flip-flopping, just a bit, to my original vision for this theme--which is exploring the possible meanings of certain aspects of Equestria if they were used for Divination readings. Why, you ask? This second time 'round the A to Z Challenge is a different experience for me. If you look at the posts I did last year, they were regular--because I did all of them in advance and as each day passed all I had to do was press the magical "publish" button and voila! Done! Not so this time. With lots more on my plate this year, I didn't get to do the advance posts that I wanted to, so be warned: there will be more randomness, things may or may not make sense--and it may take me some time to do readings (I have ONE more to get to a commenter!), but holy Applejacks, I *WILL* complete this challenge--and besides, this is an experiment, right?!

That said, how about a little video interlude?

Flim and Flam are two of my *favorite* MLP characters--so you can imagine that I was kind of bummed when I didn't get a card featuring their smiling faces. But as I know they're out there, what do YOU think they could represent?

If these guys were to come up in a reading, I would say that they represent a warning: Caveat Emptor! Don't let a pretty face (even one with a fabulous mustache), catchy theme song and cast of thousands, distract you from the truth of the matter. Check *EVERYTHING* out *BEFORE* you commit! 

Even so, I still love Flim and Flam. I would buy a Super Cider Squeezy 6000...


  1. This is my first challenge and I was warned to write posts at least a week ahead. I had no time to that, so I'm with you in the flip-flop.

    You can find me here;

    1. Ha! OMGosh yes--and last year was so much easier because I focused on images rather than words... I would love to do some crafty thing, but I would have to prepare way in advance!